We take our time to source the highest quality fabric and eco-friendly alternatives. We source locally and domestically when we can. Our goal is to source the best materials so that our garments will remain in your closet season after season.



We believe in slow fashion and producing small quantities, made in the USA, at top quality. It is very important to us that we practice ethical processes in order to leave a smaller imprint on our planet.




Our processes are focused around sustainability. We use low-impact dyes that require less water. Our commitment to sustainability is implemented by reducing, reusing and recycling in our daily operations. We will even ship your order in recycled and sustainable materials!

Hand-dye one garment at a time!

Each garment is hand-dyed one at a time by our creative director, Paige. she dyes with non-toxic, low impact powder dyes as well as natural dyes derived from plants.