Travel with Paige: France

I always love the opportunity to get out of the country, especially when that country is France. I think it is safe to say at this point I have seen more of France than I have of my hometown state, Georgia. I may be from a small big city (Atlanta) but I have had the true pleasure of traveling the world. This trip was my 4th time to France. We traveled to Paris and Reims, the champagne region of France. So we drank champagne, stuffed our faces with cheese and croissants and lived our best lives. 

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From LUNASOUL to Paige Dawkins
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Why did we switch from LUNASOUL to Paige Dawkins? In short, it was time! Continue to read for the long story as to why our brand name has been changed. Paige started this company after graduating from Parsons three years ago. The company was a love child of fashion and creating by way of hand dyeing fabrics. LUNASOUL as a name applied to the bohemian, eccentric lifestyle. But there is so much more to the brand. Which is why, as the company and Paige have both matured it only made sense for a change. Paige Dawkins, her namesake and brand gives the opportunity to look into her lifestyle, inspiration and vision. Thank you for joining us on this journey of growth. We are so excited about the future!