how to care for your lunasoul garment:

the best way to care for your garment for longevity and color is to have it dry cleaned. we recommend using your local eco friendly dry cleaner. why organic dry cleaning? there are a lot of chemicals such as perc that are harmful to your skin and the environment at most dry cleaners. organic dry cleaners do not use perc. if you need help finding your local organic dry cleaners feel free to contact us at 

I would rather clean my garment myself:

we would not recommend washing the garment yourself for all styles, such as  the selene goddess dress. However, other styles can be washed at home. please find the instructions below on how to do so.

1. turn the garment inside out.

2. set the washing machine to a delicate cycle with cold water.

3. use a small amount of mild DETERGENT.

4. proceed to wash your garment separately.

5. once the cycle is complete, you may hang or lay flat to dry or put the garment in the dryer a low heat.

*6. if you let the garment air dry, we recommend steaming the garment to achieve the original shape/texture.

if you have any comments, concerns or questions please let us know! at HELLO@SHOPLUNASOUL.COM